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Ref.nummer: BOW0002


Remington Bowie type knife. This is an RH 30 hunting knife. As used during the 1930's and 1940's in the US. This knife is part of the RH series of about 40 sheath knife models produced by the Remington/PAL companies. Of these, three patterns were Bowie-style blades. The largest of these three was the RH30 model. The majority of these knives were produced for the civilian market, but many military personnel purchased them and took them into combat. This was a common practice during WWII. The blade is of single edge construction. The base of the blade is marked with MADE IN USA/ REMINGTON UMC/ RH30, 5 3/4". The original scabbard that was sold with the knife is of brown leather construction. The sides are enforced via the use of rivets and heavy duty thread. The scabbard has a circular logo " REMINGTON UMC " stamped in the front. Overall length 9 14/16". A few spots of light surface pitting, otherwise fine condition. (NOTE! It is not always easy to photograph blades of knives due to reflection etc. Our description is as accurate as possible. Should you have any questions about condition, send us a mail.)


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