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Ref.nummer: BL0059
Prijs BTW in: P.O.R


Original Indian Wars Era Springfield US "IRON" guard First Model 1880 Hunting Knife with a "Varney" scabbard with hinged belt loop. The obverse side of the iron guard has the #776 stamped, whilst the reverse of the guard is marked "U.S. SPRINGFIELD". The reverse side of the loop is stamped "WATERVLIET ARSENAL". There are 2 Inspector's initials " S and A" located on the rear of the belt loop near the brass mouthpiece. The pommel flat has the "S.W.P. " Samuel Porter (Master Armorer at Springfield from 1879-1894) inspector stamp plus the year of inspection 1881. The blade is in a very fine condition with some dark spots and light pitting on both sides. The small leather tongue tab that passes trough the locking bar tenon is missing (they generally are!). A wonderful condition example worthy of being added to the finest and most advanced Indian War collection of arms and accouterments. A very rare Hunting Knife seldom seen for sale. Set in very fine condition! Ref. R.I.A. 05-05-2019/3192/ LBE-Hardin p.12-19.


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