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Ref.nummer: BL0057
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Original Indian Wars Era Springfield US brass guard Model 1880 Hunting Knife with a type 3 scabbard, which is a Watervliet modification of the of the brass hook attachment using a first model leather loop scabbard.. Remains of the First Watervliet Arsenal marking can be seen on both sides of the leather loop near the 4 brass rivets. The obverse side of the guard has the #4405 stamped, whilst the reverse of the guard is marked "U.S. SPRINGFIELD". The brass hook is marked "WATERVLIET ARSENAL."." Scabbard is excellent, blade is very fine with light pitting on both sides. Scabbard has the name Wm (William?) Higson carved on its backside. Probably the name of the soldier that owned the knife (we hope!). About 11,000 of these knives were produced (1.000 Iron Guard and 10.000 Brass Guard), their survival rate is not that great as they saw heavy use during the Indian Wars and on the Western Frontier. The ultimate Indian War U.S. issue knife! Set in fine condition! Ref. LBE/Hardin p.21-44.


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