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FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR 1870 -1871. VOL.1 & 2

Auteur: Stein & Bauer
Ref.nummer: 2564
Taal: E
ISBN: 9783903341043
Prijs BTW in: 129,99 Euro Tip Tip

 VOL.1 In this volume, it is not just the original pieces held in public and private collections that are illustrated and described. They are combined with historical photographs, paintings and images to create for the first time a comprehensive compendium concerning the organisation and uniforms of the German field armies of the war of 1870–71. It is complemented by a book about the French armies of the Empire and the Republic. VOL.2 Aims to revive the incredible diversity of the French armies of 1870. This diversity is illustrated in the ranks of the imperial army defeated during that summer, with the Imperial Guard, its elite regiments and the units of the African army. It is also visible in the regiments de Marche (provisional), Mobiles, National Guards and Francs-Tireurs, that is to say the armies of the National Defence, which continued the war during the republican phase of the conflict. Ultimately, the uniforms, equipment, paintings and photographs presented in this work make it possible to examine more closely the soldier’s daily life, the prevalent military values, the ideas of the time, and undoubtedly also a part of France’s national identity. Two volumes in a slipcase, card slipcase; 800 pages total, more than 2,500 colour and black-and-white photographs. Excellent!!
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